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Artist Premium

$9.99 Monthly

Get Unlimited Music Licensing for personal use. This plan covers monetization and use for YouTube, Twitch, Tik-Tok, and all your social media platforms.

  • Listen without Advertisement
  • Create unlimited playlist
  • Like unlimited music
  • Follow unlimited artist

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Unlimited Subscription?

All our unlimited plans are annual plans that allow you to generate unlimited music licenses for your content depending on the subscriber type, usage, and distribution you choose.

Unlimited Subscriptions also give you access to unwatermarked preview tracks/versions/stems, 10% off any license you are not covered for under the plan, and the ability to whitelist your YouTube channel to automatically clear any copyright claims instantly.

Can I Pay Month to Month for the Unlimited Subscription?

All our plans are monthly. Personal plans are billed in full at the beginning of your subscription. For commercial plans, you can choose to pay as how many months as you want in advance or pre-pay month by month.

What licenses does each Unlimited Subscription cover?

The best way to see what licenses you are covered for under each plan is to select the plan in the modals above by clicking “Select Coverage” and picking the coverage you need. Once the plan is selected, click “View Coverage” to open up the license modal.

What’s The Difference Between a Personal and Commercial Subscription?

Personal Subscriptions are for individuals with less than 100k followers/subscribers who are creating content for non-commercial purposes such as social media content, vlogs, reels, or any other personal project. Monetization through ad revenue is allowed for personal accounts.